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My Go-To Chemical Exfoliator

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

When you have acne prone skin you’re bound to try pretty much everything on the market to make those

unwanted blemishes go away. Personally I tried everything, from strong clay masks to harsh physical exfoliators, which ultimately ended up irritating my skin even more.

Then I came across chemical exfoliators (you can read more about it on my HOME page). Basically what they do is exfoliate your dermis and get rid of all the dead skin that’s sitting on top of your face.

Currently my favorite is Krave Beauty’s KALE-LALU-YAHA chemical exfoliator. Not only does it feel amazing on my skin, but it also has the most amazing ingredient in the market right now, including:

+ Kale + Spinach + Vitamin B

+ Parsley

+ pH 3.5-4.0 + Aloe + Hyaluronic Acid + 5.25% AHA (Glycolic Acid)

This amazing product has the ability of not drying out

my skin unlike a lot of exfoliators I’ve used in the past. And that is thanks to all the ingredients mentioned before plus the fact that its formula is:

- Alcohol Free

- Dye Free

- Fragrance Free

- Essential oils Free

- Cruelty Free


How do you apply Kale-lalu-yaha?

It’s super easy! Just soak a cotton pad with the product and swipe it all over your clean face making sure to avoid the eye area. You should do this 2-3 times a week at night time. Of course the consistency in which you apply the product may vary depending on your skin needs and response to this chemical exfoliator. The great part is that you do not need to rinse this product off, you can just leave it on your skin and move on with your PM skincare routine.

How much does it cost?

This gem retails for $25 + shipping. Which I believe is a reasonable price for 6.76 fl oz.

Where can you purchase it?

Right now they don’t have a physical store, but you can find KALE-LALU-YAHA on their website! www.kravebeauty.com

All in all I give this product an 8/10! I would give it a solid 10 but I feel like I need to try a product for more than 6 months to actually know it’s absolute perfection!

Remember, A+ BEAUTY starts from the inside out!

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