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#Acne101 Series: What is Acne?

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Short and sweet; acne is one of the most annoying things on earth!

But if we must break it down, it can be divided into two categories: Non-Inflammatory and Inflammatory.

Non-Inflammatory Acne:

This category consists of whiteheads and blackheads.

Whiteheads are a pore filled with excess oil, sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells.

Blackheads are essentially the same thing as whiteheads; the difference is that the pore remains open, therefore all the dirt living inside of the pore oxidizes.

Inflammatory Acne:

This category is a little more extensive as it consists of pustules, cysts, papules and nodules. They are the result of acne-causing bacteria feeding off of all the dead skin cells and sebum nesting in your pores.

Pustules are your commonly known pimples that have a whitehead (pus) on top.

Cysts are similar to pustules, but on steroids lol. They rest deeper in the skin and are often more inflamed and painful.

Papules are more of what I like to call "fake pimple," simply because they have no pus to pop out of them! Which most times makes it frustrating because you get the worst of both worlds; a pimple... that you CAN'T pop because it has nothing in it to pop.

Nodules are very similar to papule, but again, they rest deeper in the skin, which makes them more difficult to deal with. Nodules can grow to be of significant size and quite painful.

Here is a summary of all the information above in case you are lazy and don't like reading... I gotchu ;)

And don't forget, A+ Beauty starts from the inside out!

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