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A Little Skin Talk

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Ever since I was 14 years old one of my main concerns has been clearing my skin. But now that I’m older I understand that there is more to our skin than meets the eye.

People seem to forget that there are many factors that affect our skin. It does not matter how many good products you put on your face if what you’re putting in your body is not the right stuff.

FOOD people! I’m talking about FOOD!

The past seven years have taught me that it doesn’t matter how many products I add to my skincare routine, food will always be either my holy grail or my nightmare. But if I want healthy skin I can’t just eat any type of food! It has to be a well-balanced, low in sodium, sugar, and dairy diet.

Now if you’re like me and absolutely love sugar and sodium, cheese and french fries then our best bet is to balance out the bad with the good! So for example if you plan on eating a greasy burger then try to drink water with it instead of soda.

The reason why I say LOW in sodium, instead of sodium FREE is because I don’t believe in drastic changes that might discourage you from achieving your goal. Stick to realistic tasks and work from there.

And remember, A+ BEAUTY starts from the inside out!

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