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4 foods that will help you get healthier skin!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Let's break it down!

Green Tea has amazing benefits for our body and even more so for our skin! This wonderful source of nutrients will help reduce inflammation on the skin. It also helps you produce less sebum which in turn keeps acne at bay. Ultimately, it acts as an antioxidant that prevents fine lines and improves the immune system!

Fish is a great source of fatty acids, but you will have to be selective about the fish you eat. Sardines, rainbow trout and salmon are perfect examples of healthy fatty acids aka omega-3! Just remember NOT to fry your fish, as it would defeat the whole purpose of achieving healthy skin.

Walnuts/Almonds are the perfect healthy snack! And they're also yummy :) They will help restore the skin moisture and also fight annoying fine lines. Walnuts help reduce inflammation and are a great source of Vitamin E.

Leafy Greens can vary from kale to spinach or pretty much any leafy vegetable. These are incredible sources of Vitamins that boost our collagen production and improve the elasticity of the skin.

And remember, A+ BEAUTY starts from the inside out!

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